Braveheart First Aid with Nancy O'Halloran

At Braveheart First Aid, we offer life-saving courses like Emergency First Aid CPR AED, Standard First Aid, CPR AED levels A, C, HCP. Babysitter’s Course, Marine Basic First AID CPR AED.


What we will give you…

BraveHeart offers expertise. We make it our business to provide training and to assist others provide excellence in training. Our experience is in facilitation of programs and records. We are Leaders in Nova Scotia. We strive to offer the best Courses and Instructors.

We offer courses that meet and exceed the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations in your province. We make it a goal to ensure that we have the best possible instructors to compliment the exceptional courses we offer through the Red Cross.

Our team is made up of a variety of backgrounds. We are superb at understanding and using adult learning techniques. We are there to make sure that the confidence to save a life begins the moment our client begins our course.